WOW, What a Ride !!!                                                                                                       

You may not know yet, but we’ve been all over this country and a good portion of this planet. This adventure, (Beyond The Wall*) is to create a place for all our friends along the way to visit us. As well, you absolutely know that we’ll use this to create so many more friends. Dunedin, perhaps the most welcoming little city we’ve ever encountered, is a place we accidentally found back in 2011. We ventured north one day on the Pinellas Bike Trail from Clearwater and found Dunedin. In its entire Bohemian** splendor, Dunedin is thankfully now our home. Poke around this site, you’ll soon know much more about us and our Bed and Breakfast.


This is Our Story, “Beyond The Wall” ………….Now Come Tell us Yours


*Beyond The Wall

  • Quiet, a bit Secluded, and Away from the Stress of our very busy Planet
  • Safety, Security, Tranquility, Peace, No Worries and Rest
  • Our Oasis to you, spend your days visiting Dunedin and the local area and then come back to visit us and relax


  • A native or inhabitant of Bohemia
  • A person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist, writer, traveler
  • Wanderers, Adventures, Vagabonds, Nonconformist, Free Spirit, Unorthodox, Offbeat, Alternative, Gypsy